Walter Alexander Foundation, Inc.

Proudly Providing Nearly 70 Years of Support to the People and Projects of Wausau and Northcentral Wisconsin

How to Apply

 *All Grant Requests should be submitted by June 3, 2024.

 *Any Applications received after that date will be be considered at the next meeting date.

Cover Letter Should Include:

  • Description of your group, the address and formal name of the project
  • Program / project activities as they pertain to the needs of the community and how they benefit to the community where they are located
  • Number of people served by the project
  • The dollar amount for the project, ie: construction or remodeling costs, a specific equipment purchase, staff salaries
  • A list of other attempts at fundraising
  • Current annual operating budget or one proposed
  • Most recent IRS determination letter indicating the organizations 501(c)(3) tax exempt status
  • List of names of other organizations that have pledged funds to the project, and any who have been contacted
  • Contact person, phone number, and mailing address


  • The Walter Alexander Foundation, Inc. does not award grants to individuals
  • The Foundation funds projects in Marathon County, Portage County and the Fox Valley. Other requests are looked at on a case by case basis
  • Paper copies of grant requests are preferred and should be mailed to the business address. Save yourself some paper and send us one paper copy of your request. If we need more we'll contact you. Also, the basic information listed above will get the same attention as a lengthy request with a lot of supporting information. If we have questions, our staff or a board member will contact you. Remember, list a persons name on the request who can answer questions about your project.
  • By applying for funding from the Walter Alexander Foundation you agree to allow us to list the name of your non-profit on our Past Recipients page.  We will not share your personal information or any other corporate indentifiers. You may ask that it be exempt.
  • General email correspondence should be directed to: [email protected]