The deadline to apply for a grant is JUne 2021

Cover Letter Should Include:

  • Description of your group, the address and formal name of the project
  • Program / project activities as they pertain to the needs of the community and how they benefit to the community where they are located
  • Number of people served by the project
  • The dollar amount for the project, ie: construction or remodleing costs, a specific equipment purchase, staff salaries
  • A list of other attempts at fundraising
  • Current annual operating budget or one proposed
  • Most recent IRS determination letter indicating the organizations 501(c)(3) tax exempt status
  • List of names of other organizations that have pledged funds to the project, and any who have been contacted
  • Contact person, phone number, and mailing address


  • The Walter Alexander Foundation, Inc. does not award grants to individuals
  • The Foundation funds projects in Marathon County, Portage County and the Fox Valley. Other requests are looked at on a case by case basis
  • Paper copies of grant requests are preferred and should be mailed to the business address
  • General email correspondence should be directed to: info@walteralexanderfoundation.org